Grant Development

Erin L. Deady, P.A. has a successful track record in researching and securing grants for various clients including governmental and agricultural interests. Since each grant opportunity is unique and budgeting for companies and governments can be difficult for these opportunities, we employ a case by case approach in terms of the services we supply. To date, we have secured $6.0 Million of state and federal funds (for clients such as Canaveral Port Authority, Town of Lantana, Town of Century and the Municipal Energy Conservation Coalition) some of which has been for work in our core skill set. We have coordinated and drafted grant applications for the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Housing and Urban Development and numerous private foundation grants. Our firm strives to provide flexible options for our Grant services which depend on the level of effort to move from grant strategy to application submittal and the potential for work within our areas of expertise.

  1. Flat fee arrangements

    Typically, we will evaluate the amount of time it will take to prepare the grant strategy, partners, application materials, letters of support, partnerships and budget. To manage budgetary expectations, we would contract for a flat rate to prepare the grant either as a stand-alone service or in partnership with existing staff resources. Usually this arrangement would reflect a grant that has no potential for work in our core competencies.

  2. Hourly arrangements

    Based on the grant scope, and our previous experience in preparing applications, we can contract for an hourly rate. This situation usually arises when our services are supplemental to in-house expertise for grant preparation and the amount of hours and effort can be controlled by budget constraints. This arrangement may or may not include work within our competencies under the grant.

  3. Hybrid or other types of arrangements

    Based on the grant scope and negotiations with the client, if a grant opportunity has a strong likelihood for success and it is within our core competencies, we will assume some or all of the risk associated with the grant application. The driving factor to consider is whether or not there is potential for work within our core competencies out of the grant scope. For government clients, we understand that a government cannot warrant or guarantee contracted work due to procurement policies, but this will be part of the risk evaluation we perform.

We also provide services to research grant opportunities on a case-by-case basis premised on the client’s resources to identify such opportunities and their funding priorities.

We will work with our clients to determine what the goals, priorities and time frames are for funding objectives. Upon defining a working relationship, we will also make recommendations, or develop a strategy, for the client on the strongest grant opportunities. These recommendations or this strategy, may include capital planning and project summaries, project documentation / budget development and linking overall organizational plans with specific programs and initiatives. All of our recommendations are designed to strengthen the client’s ability to secure funding opportunities based on our experience.